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PAA Coconut Bay w/ Lime, Cube, Chel, Solar Flare brush, & Starling razor

Steve Walker : Hope your A/C gets repaired soon. I've been there and it's a brutal thing to not have a cool house during the summer months. Great shave!
Tim Shaves : Nice shave Ken! I tried the ted pellas before and they rusted easily. I might have to revisit them and keep em dry.
Terry M : Ken It happens to the best of us I have several "Gem" style razors, just not particularly fond of them. Getting hot here also, and at 4500ft altitude, it seems even hotter Have a good weekend. Enjoy!
VCR 12 : It’s kind of a big one for a small one that’s what she said
Samuel : Amazing shave Ken, how are you?
IAMCDB : Nice one Ken. "Like the Stallion but with more hair." haha
Rick Reynolds : To your notion, are the Ted Pella PTFE GEM blades different from the common Persona GEM blades that are the easiest to find?
The Personna GEM blades I have don't say "comfort coated," nor do they say they are non coated.
Sean Arter : Thanks Ken wow that was an interesting razor never saw one before. Have a great night stay as col as possible and stay safe
Scott Bruce : Thanks Ken
Jim G. : I just watched IAMCDB and Paul H. use the PAA Cube as a shave soap! They indicated it worked beautifully and the lather came out great!!

lime paradigm full layout (Harder than Azure Flare?) Geometry dash

bad noclip moment
BizMN : ok so before another person tries to comment about how bad this level is, please know that I have been beaten over the head with people saying that this layout is horrible. And they are right. But please know that if you are going to comment about this level being horrible, I am well aware about how bad it is and this shouldn't have gotten even 100 views nontheless 600. And i have some layouts that are actually fairly decent instead of this abomination.
Pokemon Ruby : I don't like this anymore because of the song.
Pokemon Ruby : @BizMN I originally thought that this level was good and hopefully waning to get verified, but AS SOON AS I HARD THE BASS DOWN LOW REMIX, I CHANGED MY MIND!!! This sucks because of the song.
Pickle Pepsi : The idea and sync is good in some part but the gameplay would be super buggy and unenjoyable to play, and some part are just unnecessary like the 4x speed 1.5 wide wave .its just not fun
sinewi ‘ : satisfaction Is
Слава Руфер : Good noclip
Figu6ka : First, spam at 0:31 is impossible due the spikes on ground and how low the top spikes are. Many moments of the level is too hard and cancerous. Also non wave parts are too easy. The level is pretty bad and gameplay is unreally annoying. You need full remade of gameplay.
DriDri91 : Enjoyable Devil Vortex/100
BistroOfDoom - Block Strike and More! : Azure flare on drugs jk
Vursius : Wow great level! I could see this with a rating if it gets decorated. Gameplay wise however is kinda eh, I dont think people would like to spend their time practicing cancer wave. Sorry!

Ciao Bella! Tennis Shoes with an Italian Flare -- VLOG #644

#tenniswarehouse #tennisshoes #italiantennis

Shop these shoes:

Fila Axilus 2 Energized Red/Black\\Men's Shoes 110.00

Fila Axilus 2 Energized Ebony/Lime Shoes

Fila Axilus 2 Energized Orange/Yellow\\Men's Shoes

Fila Axilus 2 Energized Orange/Yellow Men's Shoes

Lotto Mirage 100 CLY Blue/Green/Silver Men's Shoes

Lotto Mirage 100 SPD White/Navy/Orange Men's Shoes

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Giovanni Rosato : Porcoddio
stickmano0o : Hi.Which is the top shoe out of this 3 for you guys : adidas Parley boost , Asics Court FF 2 or Nike Vapor X glove?
GAYATHRI PADMANABAN : Can you take a review on babolat rpm team string???
ZYNX COSMOS YT : Can you playtest the babolat driveG pls, because I am planing to buy this racket for my son
Braxton Wallis : Any suggestions for a Poly String with purely top spin in mind other than rpm blast? Felt as though the string was pretty dead with nothing really given to the ball other than just good placement. Just looking for something that offers maximum spin
VNTA Tennis : Very good
I really love this video of you
Abul waliuzzaman : comparing the pure aero tour 2016 and the pure aero tour 2019, which provides 1. more power 2. more control 3. stability
DJ DJ : No Diadora??? more Italiano flare than Fila ! :-)
Austin Stark : Review coming on the new tecnifibre string?




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