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PB900 A17 Holiday 2017

PINION GEARBOX OIL CHANGE | How to change P1.12 oil - EASY

How to change oil on Pinion gearbox.
I bought my oil from http://www.bikeman.com/PIN-P8900.html
Jack Pittens : I found, like you, not much oil was coming out.  Like you, thought the gearbox may have been running dry.  Looks like Pinion recommends putting a wire in the drain hole so I cut a short length of shifter cable and tried that.  That made a big difference, but still was coming out in drips.  I then tried a brake bleed syringe/hose/fitting from Magura brakes which threaded right in.  The oil came very easily then.  I didn't get a full 60ml out, but a good part of it.  Oil was surprisingly black for just being a gearbox and only 1 year on it.
HotelPapa100 : First time I used a syringe to inject air, last time around I used the thin plastic tubing used to line brake cables and such to blow in air with my mouth. Worked a treat. I got about 40 ml out. The gearbox is usually a bit oily around the seals, so I assume the other 20 ml were lost over the year / 8000 km of use.
Just gravity draining definitely does not cut it on the P-series without any ventilation.
mark davies : One last point...I now use Threadlock too
mark davies : I've had a P.12 for 5 years now... And notice not much oil comes out. Sometimes when a gear "jumps" is a sign to refill...having said that replacing 6 monthly might be a good bet. BTW, $10+ is very cheap for a refill...it's at least 3* that in the UK...good riding...Mark
Jerry Fussell : The pinion gearbox has no air bleed hole so the oil cannot be fully drained by the method described because of the vacuum that is created in the gearbox when some oil comes out initially. One way to solve the problem during the draining with the bike on its side, is to place a hypodermic needle on a syringe in the drain hole and inject some air into the gearbox. Immediately a surge of oil will be expelled but soon the vacuum is reestablished. So the air injection procedure is repeated until around 60 ccs of oil is drained. When filling the gearbox, the gearbox will be pressurized by any oil injected. In order to minimize wasted oil, the syringe containing the oil can be periodically operated in reverse while holding the spout firmly against the drain hole. This will back bleed pressurized air from the gearbox into the syringe and make it easier to continue the injection.
Mads Thorup : Thats strange, I had a C1.6 there is a drain screw in the button. Replace oil today it was the first time approximately a year and it was dark, it seem not to have magnetic reaction so no fragments. There was the same amount as the refill 60ml. It is a hell to fill oil in, I was ending by using another syringe with a tiny metal needle for filling footballs so the air could come out.
Johannes Nilsen : Do you know if oval chain rings exist for pinion or other gear boxes? I haven't found any thing yet,oval rings make a huge difference for me.
Stephen Banham : Hi had the same problem getting the oil out . I used a bit of pipe from a WD 40 can this helps a bit but hardly any oil came out. Have now refilled it and it's running a lot better.
M-DIY Exposing Lies : How much did your cycle cost with this pinion gearbox?
Richard Gibson : Keep the oil container because you can use it to suck out all the old oil next time. Makes it a bit easier to get all the oil out. Even though it's only once a year I don't look forward to Pinion oil changes!

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