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5 Things I Wish I Knew for My First MOS Test

Here are 5 things you should know before your first Microsoft Office Specialist exam or for your next Microsoft Office Specialist exam! These tips helped me to score 1000 on my second MOS exam and I hope to help you in the same way!
MALI Fitness : How many days/weeks out do you recommend scheduling my exam? I guess it's a good problem to have but I honestly feel like I'm over-preparing.
Jessica McClellan : Does this apply to the tests as they are currently?
Millie Trevino : I appreciate the great tips Mike. Thank you.
HEMIL RIJHWANI : Thanks Mike Your videos Helped me gain the best knowledge I have my Exam In Less Than an Hour I wish That your info will help me...
Mo Reno : My MOS exam this week brought me here. Lol thanks man!
Jo Ann Lewis : Hey Mike - I think your videos and sharing your experience is better than being in the classroom. I've never had to take an exam in MSO Ever since it's inception in the military I had to learn it and teach others so this is a new experience for me to have to show by exam what I know. Thanks for all your hard work and guidance.
nancy rupp : I cannot thank you enough for these amazing videos. The knowledge you pass on is powerful. Your straight forward presentation takes a tremendous amount of stress away from learning.
Cyber_Nerd : You are Amazing man.
Thanks for all the Tips
Techfyre Tube : I did mine I am 15 I took at school and I don’t know what to do with it
Lisa Graham : Hey Mike, I’m sitting my PowerPoint and Word 2016 exam next week. Do you have any video pertaining to the exam?

모스 자격증 파워포인트 코어 기본과정 Mospowerpoint Core 시험진행, 평가항목 동영상 강좌,컴퓨터 강의,인터넷 교육,배우기.

모스 자격증 파워포인트 코어 기본과정 Mospowerpoint Core 시험진행, 평가항목 동영상 강좌,컴퓨터 강의,인터넷 교육,배우기.
(주)아이비컴퓨터교육닷컴은 컴퓨터프로그램 온라인
동영상 교육 전문 입니다
교육청에 등록된 평생교육기관이며 자격증취득,
취업및 실무에 크게도움이 됩니다 구글플레이,
티스토어등에 어플 앱도 판매중입니다.
그리고 에서 컴퓨터와 모바일기기로
다운받아서 공부할수있습니다

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 pt1

Learn all the important elements of PowerPoint in 2 videos (40 minutes). In this video learn to create a PowerPoint slides with various layout. Add pictures, clip art, charts to slides. Delete slides, change slide order, apply design \u0026 format background. Use the outlining toolbar to edit the lines on your slides. Use various view like Normal, slider sorter \u0026 slide show. Add notes to your slides to see during PowerPoint show or print it.
sumit saini : please power point video only hindi language
HAMIDUL ISLAM : Good teaching method . i am from Assam in India.
Divya Pratheesh : Which is the latest version of ms office?
藍澤ゆかり : めちゃくちゃわかりやすい!!
Tech Master : t
Malik Iqra : Really...helpful vedio
Mehmet İlkman : Hi from 2018. Hi with PowerPoint 2016 :)
سعد صالح : good tutorial
Electrical Artist : Thanks for this, but they should add a option where we can enable to click and play the animation and to do it automatically.
jamless Jimin : Thank you




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