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2020 BMW M550i // Fast and Beautiful

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We can’t talk about the 2020 BMW M550i without talking about the engine. The 2020 M550i gets an extra 68 horsepower taking the total to 523. It’s breathtaking. It’s calm and well mannered at slow speeds about town while you drop the kids at school, then hit a couple buttons and it’s an absolute savage. It’s quite simply wonderful.
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The New BMW M550i, better than the mighty M5? 1st Drive 530HP V8 xDrive

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I briefly get my hands on the brand new BMW M550i xDrive, a serious bit of kit that might make more sense over the M5 Comp as a fast daily. I will hopefully get my hands on another M550i soon, maybe compare it to the M5....

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*Some footage from this video may be edited and or sped up for cinematic affects.
*Some footage was also filmed on private land.

둘다 괴물 V8엔진 어떻게 다를까? BMW M5컴페티션, M550i 시승기 (Feat. MTOWN, 5시리즈, 리뷰, 토이브로TV)

행사 초청. BMW KOREA

자동차 블로거 '토이브로' 입니다.

오늘 소개해드릴 영상은 바로
페이스리프트 신형을 돌아온 M5 컴페티션과 M550i 차량을
영종도 BMW 드라이빙 센터에서 진행된 M트랙 데이에서
만나보고 왔습니다. 실제 두 차량의 가격은 4천만원정도로
같은 8기통 엔진을 탑재하였지만 다른 부분이 엄청 많은데요.
과연 이 둘을 동시에 만나봤을때 어떻게 다른지! M퍼포먼스와 진짜 M 감성차이를
알려드리죠! 일단 둘다 괴물이야...

재밌게 보시고 언제나 구독하기! 좋아요! 알람설정! 부탁드립니다.


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00:00 BMW M5 컴페티션, M550i
00:44 M550i 디자인
03:59 M5 컴페티션 디자인
07:01 M5 컴페티션 주행
11:40 M550i 주행
17:05 결론ㅋㅋ 둘다 괴물!




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